Lyft Promo Codes

Are you looking for a quicker and more affordable alternative to a taxi cab? Are you sick of your annoying friends asking you over and over when the cab is arriving? If you haven’t heard of Lyft – our generation’s new and improved taxi service – you are most likely wasting your precious time waiting on the side of curbs and fighting with your (drunk) buddies about who is going to front the cash money to the presumably agitated cab driver.

Lyft drivers (driving their own vehicles) are all over your city, happily waiting for a request from your downloaded ridesharing app. When you request a ride, a Lyft driver closest to you will confirm your information and you will be given their information, such as: driver name and photo, pick-up time, number, and vehicle description. By this point, you can see where your driver is on the application map and let your whiney friends know how long they have to down a few more shots – it’s that easy, folks!

If you decide to give Lyft a chance, use the promo code 25JAZZ and you will receive a $25.00 credit! After using this amazing new service, it would rattle my brain if you ever go back to a traditional cab service ever again. It would be like going back to the flip phone in 1999 – slower, unreliable, and less user-friendly. Don’t be that guy.

Update! On May 26, 2016, added a great new Lyft promo code, first time users should get over there and claim their Lyft credit!